Newton Toney's Parish Steward -

use him... or lose him!

Wiltshire Council's Parish Steward service comes into effect during October 2016.

Many parishioners will have already seen Parish Stewards at work, easily identified by their bright yellow (...and well equipped!) trucks. Individual Parish Stewards will generally cover areas of Wiltshire specifically assigned to them - they'll work mainly in isolation, but may team up with other Stewards if it's necessary when larger works are called for.

Newton Toney Parish Council are already working with our local Parish Steward to ensure good communication and an understanding of the works required in and around the village.

For guidance, these are some of the works that the Parish Steward could undertake:

     •       Hand clearing & cutting of vegetation to clear drainage grips/drain gullies

     •       Clearing storm debris from roads and footways

     •       Repairs & refurbishment of pedestrian barriers

     •       Cleaning, re-installing and straightening of small road signs, nameplates and bollards

     •       Installation of small road signs, verge markers and street name plates

     •       Hand cutting of vegetation limiting driver/pedestrian visibility

     •       Removal of noxious weeds

     •       Clearance of growth and soil from footways and from certain footpaths

     •       Repairing minor surface damage, potholes, and other minor defects on roads/footways

Parishioners should email the Parish Clerk, Mrs Melanie Thomas (newtontoney@googlemail.com), with brief details of any work they believe is needed in the village. This way, items can be collated on a job sheet, prioritised, then sent by email from the PC to the Wiltshire Council team which manages our Parish Steward's activities.

Use it - or lose it!

The Parish Steward Programme will run for one year before it is reviewed/changed, and feedback from parishioners about this service is welcomed by Wiltshire Council.

PLEASE NOTE - it is very important that the Stewards are fully utilised. Wiltshire Council have made it clear that it's a case of "Use it, or lose it!". If the Parish Stewards' services aren't seen to be fully used, this very valuable scheme may not continue.